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How your outfit can change your mood

Red lipstick makes you fearless, heels make you a femme fatale That moment when you find out that the [panty’s] you wear are dark blue instead of black, when your heels do hurt so much that you can’t think about anything else.. The outfit you are wearing can definitely influence your mood. And though these are quite sad examples, it…

4 styles, which one fits you?

Define your style There are so many different fashion styles; urban, sportive, chic, casual, bohemian, glamourous, girly, boyish….. There is a good chance that there are just a few in which you feel comfortable. But how do you find and define your own style? Take a look at these shots from my lookbook. Which of these 4 styles fits your…

Wardrobe planning Valerie

Shopping in an owned closet. I always thought my style was quite good; never too boring and never too funky. However, being in my late twenties, I suddenly had the desire to go a little bit out of  my comfort zone. Therefore, I was very happy with a particular birthday present: a Wardrobe Session with Eline from Stylemybrand. A few…


Wardrobe session spring

Spring 2019 wardrobe session. Out with the winter, in with the sunny outfits. This colourful closet was full of catchy items, but missed some essential basics. Result of the session: all items sorted by colour, new sets made, shoppings list with essential basics created. This lady is ready for spring; in pink, glitter, leopard and surprising fabrics!

Shoe trends by stylemybrand

The Summer Shoes You Can’t Not Love

For the love of shoes Spring has sprung! Time to have a look at the latest shoe trends of this season. It might not be a surprise, but the animal print trend keeps on going strong! The snake print In bright colours or nude teints. The snake print is back. Combine these printed shoes with simple jeans and make them…

by Hedwig

They are all talking about branding

Branding, brand, brand knowledge, brand understanding.. There are million of terms that have something to do with creating and understanding a brand. We all know who did their job quite well.. Think Coca Cola, Apple, but also personal brands like LINDA, &C (Chantal Jansen) and Chiara Ferragni. What is it that makes them so successfull?


How To Style Out A Rainy Day

The perfect raincoats Rainy day? No problem.. The fashion industry finally got the idea of creating fashionable winter jackets. A must have! At least when you live somewhere in the Netherlands or the United Kingdom.

Fast fashion

Fast Fashion, you probably know the term. Of course I was already aware that buying clothes is way too easy. Every season, every few months new collections are in stores. When the winter is still in full swing, the thick coats are already driven away for airy tops and fluttering trousers. After watching the Netflix documentary The True Costs, the…

Wardrobe planning Haarlem

Personal styling and shopping session Within this styling and shopping session I did not only create new outfits from the wardrobe of my client, I also dared her to get out of her comfort zone and try new things. My client wanted to have a more exciting look, that fitted her personality better.

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