Waste2Wear and MYoMY reuse 224.760 plastic bottles for the MY CIRCLE BAG collection

A collaboration between Waste2Wear and MyoMY resulted in a sustainable bag collection. Waste2Wear and MYoMY have entered into a close collaboration, with the aim of sharing knowledge and developing MYoMY’s first bag collection from fully recycled plastic. The result was launched last week: a light and sporty MY CIRCLE BAG collection. The exterior and lining of the MY CIRCLE BAG collection is made from Waste2Wear® fabrics, which are 100% recycled post-consumer plastic waste bottles. Another step to a more sustainable fashion industry.

The MY CIRCLE BAG collection

The world is changing rapidly – especially in these crazy times with the corona virus spreading quickely around us – and also the fashion industry is challenged to reorganize. New more sustainble initiatives are growing fast (i.e. the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card), among them the impressive result of a collaboration between Waste2Wear and MYoMY.

A collaboration between Waste2Wear and MYoMY resulted in sustainable bag collection. The MY CIRCLE BAG collection is made from Waste2Wear® fabrics, which are 100% recycled post-consumer plastic waste bottles. Each bag requires 6 to a maximum of 36 plastic bottles. By simply working with Waste2Wear fabrics, MYoMY was able to prevent 224,760 plastic waste bottles from ending up in the rubbish tip or in our oceans. This sounds like a beautiful song to my ears I can tell! The partnership between the brands demonstrates once again how Waste2Wear takes responsibility for our planet and oceans, while collaborating with others at the same time.

MYoMY Sustainable bag collection

Waste2Wear: impressive impact figures

For the brand partners, Waste2Wear prepares a traceable Environmental Impact Report for every order. In addition to the total number of recycled post-consumer PET bottles, the report indicates how much CO2 emissions, water and energy consumption have been reduced. Each report is based on a Product Life Cycle Assessment.

For the production of the MY CIRCLE BAG collection, a reduction of 17,042 Kg CO2 has been achieved. It takes a tree 774 years to absorb this amount of CO2. The reduction in water was 212,503 liters, which is the amount of water one person consumes in 2.6 years. The energy consumption was 228,851 MJ less, which is enough to keep a lamp on for 136 years.

Monique Maissan, CEO of Waste2Wear: “Measuring the impact achieved on people and planet is essential for companies. It is the only way to prove whether you are on the right track with your sustainability approach.”

Plastic snippets to create fabric
People searching for left plastic trash

Sustainable storytelling

As a leader in the industry, Waste2Wear knows how storytelling contributes to the success of a sustainable and circular product. They have therefore supplied the MY CIRCLE BAG collection to MYoMY with a tailor-made communication support kit, which was created through co-creation.

Point Of Sale communication shows inspiring storytelling and visual images. In this way, customers discover that a MYoMY bag is eco-conscious, made responsible and fits perfectly with the vegan lifestyle. With a QR code, you as a consumer, can get access to an informative and inspiring video that shows the entire recycling process. From plastic waste bottles to new fabrics. Consumers are congratulated with a MY CIRCLE BAG purchase, since they contribute to a cleaner world.

Get your own!

Do you want to purchase your own MY CIRCLE BAG instead of an other bag, and contribute to a more sustainable world? Visit the website www.myomy.nl.

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