Linkedin, it’s a very important tool to grow your network and find new job opportunities. Many headhunters are hunting their prey via this medium, and it is therefore important that if you are on this network, your profile sketch fits your personal brand. Follow these steps to become a successful member of the network club.

  • Choose the right picture: preferably made by a professional, in front of a neutral background. Choose for a head shot in which you are easily recognizable.
  • Set up your headline: this headline should catch your professional identity in just a few words. Be as original as you can; your words should attract the attention of the reader.
  • Summerize: make use of the summary block on the Linkedin Profile. Explain what kind of professional you are, say something about your experience and underline your ambitions.
  • Job experience: make sure you fill in all the relevant job experience you have. Do not forget the competences you need for these experiences and the responsibilities you have had.
  • Education: make sure you complete this section and do not forget about relevant courses and workshops you have followed. You can also sum up your certificates and projects you worked on.
  • Recommendations: connect with people via Linkedin. Have you had a nice business meeting with someone? Add them to your Linkedin Network. Do not just send a connect request, but write a personal message so that you stick in the minds of your ‘target’.
  • Presentation: make sure your profile looks organized. Use the same order for every experience and make sure your texts are equal of lenght.
  • Share your knowledge: so your profile is ready, and then? Be active on Linkedin. Share your knowledge with your network, share your successes and react on the posts of other. This way you will be noticed and not just be a passive user of the system.