Red lipstick makes you fearless, heels make you a femme fatale

That moment when you find out that the [panty’s] you wear are dark blue instead of black, when your heels do hurt so much that you can’t think about anything else.. The outfit you are wearing can definitely influence your mood. And though these are quite sad examples, it can also work the other way around. And that is exactly the reason why I advice my friends to wear those killer heels and sensual red lipstick on a day, that they thought wouldn’t be their day. 4 tips to upgrade your mood with the help of your appearance;

  1. Let’s start with the tip above al tips: wear red lipstick and you’ll feel instant sexy. OK, if you are barbie blond, it might not be the best idea, but than definitely choose another colour that makes you a vamp. You’ll feel fearless and peopel will give you a smile.

  2. Ok, it is nice to jump on your couch with your sweatpants and hoodie when feeling bad. And that is obviously ok. Does your mood allow you to go outside? Than dress up in your favourite outfit, do your hair and make up, and fake it until you make it.

  3. Nerves can be tempered when you know you look fearless. Having a job interview or going into negotiation with your boss? Wear an outfit that makes you look powerful, like a suit. This will give you confidence, and you will find out they do look at you the same way.

  4. The best outfit you can wear is your smile. So, keep in mind that the world does not fall apart. Wear that smile where you can and count your blessings.
Bron: Pexels

P.S. And ofcourse it is ok to not feel ok sometimes. Just cry your eyeballs out, wear these sweatpants, watch Netflix and fall asleep on the couch.

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