Although the temperatures are still quite low, and spring seems far away from this point, I would like to prepare you for the upcoming trends. From the bermuda that will get trendy, till the disco collar. Curious what trends you will definitely want to follow!

Short, but not too short

You may believe it or not, but the bermuda will get trendy again! When it comes to the styling of this fashion item, you have to be careful. The ‘shorts’ can easily give you a dull appearence. Examples of you these pants can be worn in an ultimate fashionable way:

© Sarah Schäfer

D i s c o d i p !

Take those dancing shoes from your closet and follow this new trend: the disco collar. Dare to look a bit groovy? Give a twist to an ordinary outfit with pointy collars such as in the Marc Jacobs fashion show.


Shine bright like a diamond

I love sequins! They give your outfit that extra. Make a contrast in your outfit by combining the sequins with more ordinary fabrics or go all the way and sparkle!

© by Valerie Photography