Appereance. Charisma. Confidence. Aren’t these charactaristics we all would like to possess? People like our Queen Maxima, Meryl Streep and George Clooney catch the eye of all attendees when entering a room. Not just because they are renowned, but mostly because they have a certain personal appael that attracts the attention. I think it has something to do with confidence, knowing who you are and mostly what message you want to carry out to the world. This is what I call personal branding.

Knowing exactly who you are will be a difficult task to most of us. We learn every day, about the world and about ourselves. But I am pretty sure you have someone to whom you look up to. Someone that inspires you. Someone very close, or someone you even don’t know personally. Personally I was always fascinated by Evita Péron. A woman with such in interesting history and such an attraction to the world. Those people, they asked themselves the question, ‘what message do I want to carry out to the world?’

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