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The future is here: the TMA Futura collection of Silhouette

Sunglasses of the future… With a reinterpretation of the classic Futura glasses, in a limited edition version, the Austrian premium glasses manufacturer Silhouette has created a futuristic collection that gives us a glimpse of the future. Since its debut in the 1970s, Silhouette’s Futura collection has created a worldwide sensation and has been worn by international stars who instantly fell in love with the striking oversized frame. Today, the TMA Futura appeals to a new generation. Are you one of them?

Remarkable design

Due to its popularity, we have seen the striking TMA frame in different versions over the years. The new TMA Futura collection combines the legendary glamour of the original design from the 70s, with light management and advanced technologies. Did you know that the TMA Futura can even be found in children’s rooms worldwide? Toy manufacturer Mattel designed a special Barbie doll with trendy Futura sunglasses of the future.

Fine colours

Unlike the bright colours of previous models, the new design has a more understated and glossy palette that matches the way we look to the future in 2020. Glasses that will compliment any outfit. Therefore, in my opinion a must-have for this summer season!

Sunglasses of the future: Silhouette Light Management

Austrian premium eyewear manufacturer Silhouette is committed to creating high-quality designs with maximum functionality and protection for the eyes. The TMA Futura collection also has patented Silhouette Light Management® technology glasses. These glasses offer the best protection against harmful UV rays and blue light. A Silhouette Vision Sensation® is also available for prescription lenses. Handy for the eyeglass and lens wearers among us.

Zonnebril van de toekomst

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