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Combining strenghts

Stylemybrand believes in the power of synergie. This is why we love to work with other creative agencies to deliver the best services possible. Stylemybrand joins forces with Goldapple Agency to offer our clients a complete package of communication specialisms.

Journalism as marketingtool


Eline (founder of StylemyBrand) has over 10 years of experience in the communication field and has a specific interest in the branding and PR of fashion and lifestyle brands.

Goldapple Agency Charissa


Charissa (Goldapple Agency) is a skilled PR agent with strong communication skills and a creative mindset. Her specialty? Beauty PR and content creation.

Branding. That's what we do best.

Awesome partnerships

Joining forces and co-creating is what we do best. We are always looking for opportunities to create the best imaginable team possible to simply get the job done. This is why we have good partnerships with media titles, publishers, creative agencies and so on.

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