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The advantage of knowing your personal brand

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The advantage of knowing your personal brand

Do you know what your core values are, I asked one of my clients. He found it quite hard to answer this question, as well as he lost track on his actual vision and mission in life. What do you want to achieve with your personal brand? ‘Growing my business’, was his answer. ‘Perfect answer’, I told him, ‘but first we have to know what really thrives you into doing what you are doing’. The advantage of knowing your personal brand is underestimated. Knowing who you are and what you’re standing for can build bridges, open doors and help you reach your goals. Why? Because it is truly you, the best motivator for everything you do.

What is personal branding?

Personal Branding actually is presenting yourself as a ‘brand’ to others. Just like with ‘real brands’, you want your name to be linked to the best possible version of yourself. Positioning yourself distinctively in the minds of your ‘audience’, can help you create your image, bring you new jobs and help to get you there were you want to be career-wise. Needless to say that this phenomenon has come over from the United States, where everything is about branding. Think as your person as of one of your ‘love brands’, and distinguish yourself from others by presenting you the best possible way. Influence what others say about you and carefully tailor the information you send out to the world about yourself.

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How do I find my personal brand?

Knowing your brand, means knowing you. So ask yourself the question, what is my vision? And my mission? What are my core values and what does my brand look like in this ‘physical’ person? Knowing your USP’s, your target audience and what you have to offer as a person, is key to getting started and creating that strong personal brand. The advantage of knowing your personal brand means that you have control in how the world sees you, how they speak of you and of what you have to offer. It’s about how you are, what you do and how you present yourself.

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