The best Spanish delicacies

Alicante, that is where the idea of Casa Gusto originated. Not only the sun, but especially the food is fantastic. Eating tapas while enjoying vino tinto, the fresh fruit and vegetables that can be found in the region.. and incredible tasting olive oil! Melanie van Es, founder of Casa Gusto, often visits the Spanish region Alicante. It is there, that her love for good tasteful products grew and Casa Gusto was born. Why is it, that we Dutch pay so little attention to in exemple buying olive oil? Why do many of us just buy the first and best looking bottle of olive oil in the supermarket? Using high quality – local – products can be live changing and we’re sure it will refine your taste buds. Casa Gusto therefore imports the finest Spanish olive oils the Netherlands and surprises the Dutch audience with Spanish flair.

Casa Gusto