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Capsule Studio Amsterdam

Capsule Studio Amsterdam

Capsule Studio is an Amsterdam based fashion brand, founded by Anna and Sebastian, that creates standout women’s wardrobe pieces while supporting responsible local production. The brand’s name was carefully choosen to underline their philosophy: creating a multifunctional wardrobe consisting of a few items that can be easily styled together or separately, within every new collection. Statement piece of the brand is their incredible power suit. A truly icon item, that makes every owner of it look confident, stylish and sophisticated at the same time.

Capsule Studio Amsterdam: power suits and cosy outfits

Capsule Studio is known as a slow fashion brand that creates small collections of high quality key items. The collection contain the incredible power suits in different colours (think pink, green, but also white and beige), as well as comfortable costumes in different colours. The USP of the brand is that you can easily mix and match the different items and create a unique fashionable outfit for every day of the week.

StylemyBrand Style Guide

At StylemyBrand we love to create original outfits with our brands. We are totally fan of the power and comfy suits of Capsule Studio and created a styling guide of how to wear and style your Capsule Studio Amsterdam items. Interested in how to style a Capsule Studio wardrobe? Check it out!


Personal styling advice?

Besides representing businesses, StylemyBrand also helps individuals create their personal brand. Are you interested in what outfit a stylist would pick out for you? Do you have a special event and need advice or are you looking forward to get help with cleaning and rearranging your wardrobe? Check out our personal branding page.

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