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Personal styling session Valerie

Valerie about our Styling Session

I always thought my style was quite good; never too boring and never too funky. However, being in my late twenties, I suddenly had the desire to go a little bit out of  my comfort zone. Therefore, I was very happy with a particular birthday present: a Wardrobe Session with Eline from Stylemybrand.

A few weeks before the session, Eline sent me a survey to get to know my style, preferences and wishes. On the day itself I was a bit nervous, but when Eline arrived, I immediately felt that I was in good hands. She first looked at my wardrobe, then she took everything out and started analysing all pieces together with me. Old clothes and items that I never wore anymore were put in a plastic bag; good pieces were put to the side for later.

After cleaning out my wardrobe. Eline created various new outfits by combining pieces and gave me one outfit after another to fit. Suddenly, different combinations which I would have never worn together, became a new fashionable look.

The entire session lasted approximately 4 hours. At the end of the afternoon all clothes went back into my closet, but nicely sorted by colours, instead of the chaos I had before. What I didn’t know before and has now proved a valuable lesson ever since: sorting your wardrobe by colours is a huge help to put together a new outfit.

This afternoon was enough proof for me to learn that there are a lot of  hidden items in your wardrobe, and that you don’t have to run to the shops all the time. Investing in the services of Stylemybrand (Eline), might even be cheaper in the long run.

Eline is competent, professional and has a great talent to help people find their best self. I was very happy with her and fully recommend the Wardrobe Session of Stylemybrand for anyone who wants to learn a little more about themselves and their wardrobe.