How to design your Linkedin profile

Linkedin, it’s a very important tool to grow your network and find new job opportunities. Many headhunters are hunting their prey via this medium, and it is therefore important that if you are on this network, your profile sketch fits your personal brand. Follow these steps to become a successful member of the network club. Choose the right picture: preferably…

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How your outfit can change your mood

Red lipstick makes you fearless, heels make you a femme fatale That moment when you find out that the [panty’s] you wear are dark blue instead of black, when your heels do hurt so much that you can’t think about anything else.. The outfit you are wearing can definitely influence your mood. And though these are quite sad examples, it…

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4 styles, which one fits you?

Define your style There are so many different fashion styles; urban, sportive, chic, casual, bohemian, glamourous, girly, boyish….. There is a good chance that there are just a few in which you feel comfortable. But how do you find and define your own style? Take a look at these shots from my lookbook. Which of these 4 styles fits your…

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by Hedwig

They are all talking about branding

Branding, brand, brand knowledge, brand understanding.. There are million of terms that have something to do with creating and understanding a brand. We all know who did their job quite well.. Think Coca Cola, Apple, but also personal brands like LINDA, &C (Chantal Jansen) and Chiara Ferragni. What is it that makes them so successfull?

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The ones who attract our attention

Appereance. Charisma. Confidence. Aren’t these charactaristics we all would like to possess? People like our Queen Maxima, Meryl Streep and George Clooney catch the eye of all attendees when entering a room. Not just because they are renowned, but mostly because they have a certain personal appael that attracts the attention. I think it has something to do with confidence,…

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